GoodGym Camden

What is GoodGym?

GoodGym combines exercise with doing tasks to help local communities. Their main focus at the moment is working on tackling loneliness and isolation, over 1 million people aged over 65 and over admitted to often or always feeling lonely. Supporting people who live alone is more important than ever after the year we have had with COVID-19. Now things are able to open a bit more, it is important to continue looking after the most vulnerable people in society.

You can read about GoodGym Run Reports in Camden here

What are the benefits of GoodGym? 

GoodGym will help you to stay active and meet lots of new people. If you are feeling unmotivated, or finding it difficult to get out and socialise, GoodGym is great place to start. 

Do I need to be a runner to be able to join?

The short answer is no. Anyone can join, if you have just started running, you might find it easier to start by helping older people in our community with one-off tasks or regular visits, this will help you to build up your fitness at your own pace.

If you can run for 15 minutes without stopping then you are fit enough to join GoodGym's group runs!


If you want to see the types of tasks that the GoodGym team in Camden have been up to, you can check them out on their socials below.